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Instructor information


Steve Harris began his law enforcement career in the Police Academy in 1982. He then served as a Federal Agent for over 28 years. After becoming the first trainee in the Border Patrol Academy to fire a perfect score he became a Range Safety Officer and has been a certified Firearms Instructor for the past 20 years. As Senior Firearms Instructor and Assistant Field Office Director he was responsible for all qualifications and training for over 800 agents and officers. Steve served as a member of the National Pistol Team for the Department of Homeland Security from 1996 to 2012.

During this time he has won over 220 awards in shooting to include:

  • ·       Governor’s Top Twenty
  • ·       President’s 100 Match
  • ·       Texas State Semi-Automatic Champion
  • ·       Texas State Distinguished Revolver Winner


Steve was in charge of Protective Operations at the Salt Lake City Olympics. As the Tactical Commander of the SWAT/SRT Team he has served in numerous high profile situations to include dignitary protection detail of high ranking officials from the U.S. Government as well as foreign officials. As the leader of multiple Fugitive Teams he led the largest operation in history arresting over 225 fugitives. He has served on diplomatic missions to several countries. As one of the experts in his field he wrote the national policy for Fugitive Operations. With almost 30 years in law enforcement there are a myriad of examples to speak of throughout his career that make him the instructor you want to have for your firearms training.


Steve has been trained and certified by the State of Texas to teach the Concealed Handgun Course and certify applicants as qualified for the licensing process. He is certified by the NRA as a Basic Firearms Instructor, Pistol Instructor, and Range Safety Officer Instructor. During his career he completed six Firearms Instructor Trainings, four Armorer Schools, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Tactical Instructor, M-4 Instructor Trainer, and Special Response Team Instructor just to name a few.