A private or small group lesson can really enhance your ability to shoot and to enjoy shooting as a sport.  The short lesson is 1.5 hours on the range with instruction in marksmanship skills on the range.  Each lesson is tailored to the fit the individual.  The comprehensive lesson is approximately an hour in the classroom and two hours on the range.  This will include demonstration shooting by the instructor.  The time for either portion is based on the individual.  Wanting to become a sharpshooter or learn to compete we have lesson packages.  Remember if you have attended any S2Firearms course you qualify for the Alumni rate.


***Gift Certificates are available***

Private Shooting Lesson

All lessons include the basics of shooting stance, grip, sight alignment and sight picture. This lesson will focus on the individuals particular skill set.  For each private lesson student will pay the range fee for both student and instructor unless otherwise stated.  

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