This is a weapon familiarization class for kids.  The class is scheduled on a request basis only.  Normally, this class is approximately two hours in the classroom then a trip to the range where they may fire pellet guns, 22s and if appropriate based upon skill and size they may fire a .38 revolver and a 9 mm semi-automatic.  The class is also offered without the range portion (inquire if interested).  Classroom location will be near Bulverde and 281 and is dependent upon the size of the class.


The goal of this class is to remove the mystique surrounding guns and provide a familiarization that helps to make your child safer in the presence of a weapon.  They will fire several weapons (revolver and semi) to gain an understanding of the weapons and what they can do. 


The cost of the course includes the range fees, targets, ammunition and the use of our eye, hearing protection, and weapons.  The parents or legal guardian will be required to sign an authorization and a waiver.  Parents or guardian must attend with child if 12 or under and depending on maturity level.  Parents are highly encouraged to attend the class with the child regardless of age.  The fee for parental participation is $50.  This covers our expenses.


Sign up below and we will contact you and schedule your class based upon your availability.  We also maintain a list of those interested in attending the next schedule class contact us to add your name.


*Must have two children signed up to schedule a class. For Alumni must have 3 to schedule.  Alumni children can be friends and relatives but must have signed authorization and release from parent or guardian.

Weapons familiarization class for kids October 17, 2020

Weapon familiarization class for kids.  Basic marksmanship training in the classroom followed by up to 3 hours of time on the range firing various weapons.  This class will begin at 8:00 am and conclude at the range around 1:30 pm.  Parents need to sign the waiver prior to leaving their kids.  Cold water provided at the range.  Kids will be provided a snack and a drink during the class.


This is an all-inclusive class.  This class is for kids.  Children must be at least 13 to attend without a parent.  Child must be well behaved and mature enough to handle instruction.  Parents are always encouraged to attend with their child. Ages 10-12 an adult is required to attend with them.


Classroom instruction will last about 1.5 hours. Range time will be 3 hours.  There will be shooting instruction on the range then a course of fire.  The class will end with a competition.  The class will fire multiple weapons during the course.


You can get a special group rate if you like our Facebook page, then select one of the FB group rates and add to cart or if you are an Alumni of one of our classes.

All weapons and ammunition are provided.  You may bring your own eye and hearing protection.  However, eye and hearing protection will be available for everyone to use at no charge.  A ball cap or hat is highly recommended.  Closed shirt (t-shirt, polo buttoned up) and closed toed shoes (No sandals or flip flops).


Snacks and drinks will be provided.

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Weapon familiarization class for kids. 

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